Kristy’s Story

by | Mar 3, 2023 | Patient

My name is Kristy and I was diagnosed with stage 4 infiltrating ductal carcinoma in July 2022. I am a 36-year-old mother to 4 amazing kids and a wife of 16 years to my loving husband. I initially had a painful lump in my left breast but was told cancer doesn’t hurt so it’s probably an infection. My youngest is 5 so I assured the doctor I hadn’t nursed in years but was told it can still happen. Luckily I was still sent for an ultrasound and mammogram where I was told at that appointment that they were 99% sure it was cancer. Two days later I had a biopsy and the next week it was confirmed I had stage 2 at least and was scheduled for a port and a ct scan that same week only to find out I was stage 3 with some suspicious spots on two bones. Then it was recommended I have a bone scan and that scan lit up with seven different areas of bone Mets. So within two weeks of finding out, I had cancer, to being stage 4, to having a port, and starting chemo. My hair started falling out within weeks and I’m so self conscious. I tried wraps and scarves and wigs and none were comfortable to me. If I hadn’t found these beanies I probably wouldn’t leave my house. They make me feel a little better about being bald. They are so soft and comfortable. I ordered one just in case I didn’t like it and I loved it so I ordered two More. This is the only brand that I will wear and I have bought several.

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